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Case: Alcatel-Lucent 2006


This $25 billion (sales) merger of telecommunications equipment giants adds 30,000 Lucent people to 58,000 Alcatel people... next, subtract a reported 9,000, or 10%, who have just become redundant.

This is a "merger of equals," as the name decision and logo design insist, consummated on November 30, two weeks after the President Bush (in Hanoi at the time) approved the deal... "No major national security concerns." Bittersweet, that... seeing what's left of Bell Labs (where the transistor was invented) go to France. Alcatel, we note, weighs twice as much as Lucent, and technically speaking was the acquirer.

Speaking as Chairman, Serge Tchuruk admits that brand equity concerns entirely drove the strategy. "The combined name of Alcatel-Lucent will enable us to capitalize on the strong brand equity that both companies enjoy [and] sends a message to our customers that the combined company will provide continuity as well as dynamism." The continuity part, at least, is evident.  Tony Spaeth


Design: Landor Madrid


Submitted by: Tony Spaeth, 2/12/2006
Status: Estimated by Tony Spaeth
Category: Technology Hardware & Equipment
Country (HQ): France





Structural driver: 100%   
Merger & Acquisition
  Merger of equals; best of both
 100%  x  Identifier tactics: Name change: Brand
    x  Identifier tactics: Logo change: Symbol-dominant
    x  Identity system elements: Visual system: Typography
    x  Identity system elements: Visual system: Palette
    x  Change event : High visibility: Campaign